Victorien Biet,

artist and writter.

Victorien Biet is a french pluridisciplinary artist and a writter. He begins his career as a journalist and a reporter in the cultural environment and pornographic industry. He's also invested in associativ and solidarity activities. He's fascinated with the visual and acoustic aesthetic of language and the phisiological influences of linguistic over feelings and sexuality.

He takes his first picture in 2018. It's the begining of an artistic and spiritual journey that will lead him to join Skeive Kunstnere, in Norway, an organisation that will give him the chance to develop his artistic and philosophic sensibility.

Interested in the conception of an ironical, absurd and pathetic aesthetic, Victorien Biet uses minimalism, improvisation and creativ instinct to create strange, colorfull and disturbing works of art and litterature as well in the romantic, poetic or philosophical genre.

His first novel, L'Agneau Sacrificiel, is published in french in 2021 by Alterpublishing Editions. It's the confession of a psychotic artist living in Paris under the Covid 19 era. This first try as a novelist, although the text itself is too immature, unrealistic and immodest, is a success. Despite the lack of publicity, the novel is appreciated by most of the initiated readers in spite of the graphic and shocking details depicted in the text. In hindsight, the author confess that the story could have been different and that his character could have been more sensitive and complex. But it depicts an unique period of his life. A period of doubt, of vulnerability and of transition. That's why, even if he wants to remake it, he souldn't. He'll probably won't. You have to "turn the page" as we say in french. But what happened has to survive if you want to go onward, to keep being inspired. 

While studying linguistic and nordic languages, Victorien Biet has a lot of projects for 2023 and the years that will follow. Moving on artistically, he needs to deepen his aesthetic vision as a pictural creator. The exercices that led him to this point are over and now is the time for him to create something new by combining his spiritual epiphany with what makes him who he really is, as a work of transition but also of acceptation of himself, as a "skeiv kunstner", an "out of frame" artist, leaded by the beauty of pure feelings, of true violence and of sublimated injustice. It's a renewal, a new begining, a completly different kind of art and it will be the same for his litterature as his second book is in work. 

My exhibitions :

- 2019 : Pride Art - I fought, therefor I am (Oslo)

- 2019 : God save the queens (Bruxelles)

- 2020 : Courtepointe (Paris)

- 2021 : Pride Art - Wunderkammer 2021 (Oslo)

- 2022 : Pride Art - Paulus Kirke, Grunerløkka (Oslo)

- 2022 : Pride Art - Wunderkammer 2022 (Oslo)

- 2023 : Pride Art - Wunderkammer 2023 (Oslo) on screen only

My litterature and publications :

- 2021 : UN//TITLED by Balaclava.Q (anthology)

- 2021 : L'Agneau Sacrificiel, Alterpublishing Editions (novel)

- 2023 : RFD : Issue 193 (anthology).

- 2023 : Des Porcs Autour de la Piscine, L'Appel du Loin (novel)

- 2024 : RFD : Issue 196 (anthology).

My achievments :

- 2012 - 2018 : Being the first french youtuber in my category.

- 2017 : Working for Baptiste Giabiconi.

- 2017 - 2019 : Being a journalist and a reporter.

- 2019 : Participating to my first international exhibition.

- 2019 : Being a VIP guest at Oslo's Town Hall.

- 2020 : Having my first own exhibition.

- 2021 : Being part of an artbook. 

- 2021 : Publishing my first novel.

- 2022 : Being selected to participate to an exhibition.

- 2023 : Publishing my second novel.

- 2023 : Having one of my musical videos presented on stage.

(virtual participation only)