Wunderkammer 2023

It was a complete surpise for me - as I was not supposed to be in Oslo this Fall to attend Pride Art's exhibition Wunderkammer 2023 - but the organization proposed me to sing a song during this year's opening event. So I have recorded a 4K video of me singing in the same outfit and conditions I had chosen for the scene when I was still thinking I could physicaly be in Oslo and I sang my song with all my heart hoping to make all my friends there proud of me. That's the most important part in the process. I really don't care about everything else, even selling my works, to gain money. All I want is to make people proud of me and especially the people I love. This video will be projected to the public as the opening number of the Grand Opening in DOGA (Hausmanns Gate 16 - OSLO) the 6th of October ! I am so proud to have been chosen to inaugurate this wonderful event, even though I am really sad not to be in Oslo to help the members of Pride Art Norge, my family, and to exhibit my art this year. As soon as Wunderkammer 2023 will be over, I will work hard to make next year's travel possible. Nothing will stop me this time. 

RFD - issue 193

Here it is ! I have been selected by RFD magazine to illustrate one of its articles about the LGBTQ+ night life and bars. You will find my picture "PARTY", starring Oscar Barrouyer, in the number 193 of RFD. 

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Wunderkammer 2022

Wunderkammer 2022 is my fourth exhibition with the queer organization Skeive Kunstnere (Pride Art Norge). Earlier this year, I've been selected to exhibit my work The Artist at Paulus Kirke (Grünerløkka's district) in Oslo.

During this new exhibition, I've exhibited four of my first pictures : Men art trash, The Artist, Food #1 and Occupy #8. This year, my work's thematic was the sublimation of symbolic violence, uncomfortable situations and hatred. The point of my previous work was the creation of an arousing aesthetic around hatered, degradation, pain and discomfort.

My works were shown on NRK1 during Kveldsnytt TV-show.

I've also presented my artistic performance "I am happy because every one loves me". One picture, one set-up, one act. It ended with my interpretation of the french version of Memory from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats in Jakobs Kirke nearby the exhibition during Skeive Kunstnere's charity gala. You can read the complete interpretation of my performance in the category "my works". 

I'm very proud of this exhibition because it was a complete sucess from beginning to end. My work appeared on Kveldsnytt's coverage of Wunderkammer 2022 on NRK1, my performance was a huge success and I've sold two of my pictures.

This year's exhibition was an incredible event and I was really happy to be part of this, to help a little on my scale and I can't wait to join Skeive Kunstnere's 2023 exhibition ! I have a lot of ideas, I feel inspired and I'm very excited to show my new pieces of art to the world !